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19 december 2013

Нас пригласили на парад в честь Дня города Рима

Congratulations on your initiative , to give life to a Roman Legion in Russia, to relive the exploits and achievements of the greatest army of all time, the people of Russia , We in the Group's history of Hadrian's Villa would be glad to welcome you in our home town of Villa Adriana , a few kilometers from Rome, and insert as a group associated with the occasion of the great historical parade of Christmas in Rome 2014 and during your stay together Pedagogical Institute Associate Aletheia , our partner , the person responsible Menio Poietrobono , we may have to visit some monuments of Rome and the splendid villa of the Emperor Hadrian, which is located in our city , Hadrian's Villa, with a guide that will give you explanation (where possible ) in your own language If you are interested in this opportunity please let us know well in advance to organize the reception . Best Regards AVE The President of the Historical Group of Villa Adriana Sandro Cretaro - The President of Aletheia Menio Pietrobono

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